Brady: ‘I just want to win, man’


As the Patriots approach their first preseason game, and quarterback Tom Brady approaches his first exposure to real, live contact, it makes sense that contract talk has picked up a bit.

And as we mentioned earlier, there seems to be a quiet and calm surrounding this situation that wasn’t there even a week or two ago. Again, doesn’t mean a deal gets done, but it’s a positive sign, for now.

But a nice sidelight to this is how Brady’s been able to compartmentalize football and business, and keep the two separated. It’s a feat that’s reflected in this story from our pal and Yahoo! Sports NFL man Mike Silver, who got some time with the quarterback last night.

“I just want to win, man,” Brady told Silver. “I don’t want anything to get in the

Pretty interesting story, so click through. Mike also had this update, via a source on the contract situation: “It could come together really soon. Or it might not happen at all (before the season). It’s really tough to know.” And that pretty much matches up with what I’ve heard more recently, which is certainly better than what I’d heard a few weeks ago.

So, yeah, stay tuned. But I’m sure you’ll do that.


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