Highlights from Bill Belichick’s press conference


Bill Belichick streamed through a variety of topics at this morning’s press conference. He called yesterday’s joint practice with the Saints among the most productive in his career and even gave his thoughts on Jimmy Johnson joining “Survivor.” A few tidbits are below.

* On the joint practices: “I thought yesterday’s practice was probably one of the most productive practices I think I can say that I’ve been a part of in my career.”

* Wes Welker may or may not play in tomorrow’s preseason game. “We’ll see how it goes yesterday and today and make a decision on that. I don’t know. I’m not saying he will. I’m not saying he won’t. We’ll evaluate it and see.”


* Linebacker Marques Murrell is expected to be at practice today. He was carted off the field at the end of practice yesterday. As Belichick was leaving the podium he said Murrell “should be out there” today.

* On facing the Saints after practicing with them: “We’ve all seen enough things out at practice. They’ve seen it from us; we’ve seen it from them. It’s not one thing. There’s multiple formations, multiple defenses. … It’s a much better example to do against another opponent, but it’s the same thing we would be doing if they weren’t here. We would still be running their plays.

“We would still be running their coverages. We would still be running their punt rushes. We would be doing all of the things that we did yesterday and today, we would just be doing it ourselves and obviously, we can’t do it nearly as well as they can, or vice versa.

“I think it helps the younger players. It’s hard to get them enough practice reps to be real confident going into the game. A lot of times they get thrown into the game with the minimal amount of practice and these practices have afforded all the players an opportunity to practice against what they’re going to see. WE can evaluate those match ups and also feel better about putting those players out there because they know more about what they’re doing.”


* On Jimmy Johnson going on “Survivor:” “Well, it’s quite a contrast from the environment I usually see him in. The times I’ve seen Jimmy most recently … he’s on a boat fishing, relaxing on a nice day down in the Keys having a good time. I hear it’s pretty rough on “Survivor.” …

“Jimmy is a great guy. We’ve had a great relationship. I have so much respect for what he’s done and at the time he did it, he really was kind of the first guys to do things the way that he did it — build a team from scratch. Seeing him out of that environment, I give him a lot of credit. My hat’s off to him. I don’t think I could handle that.”

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