Kraft briefly touches on Brady contract


Patriots owner Robert Kraft held court with a group of reporters by the practice fields today. As he walked off, a couple of us followed him toward the steps leading into the stadium.

Tom Brady’s contract came up. Kraft was asked, “Anything shaking on the front with No. 12?” He responded, rushing off from the noisy area, “We’re cooking.” And when approached later about what he meant, he went silent and seem even a little confused about the context (It was a little hot out, so that could be it).

The bottom line: Kraft, in a grander sense, is trying to stay quiet on the topic. So it’s probably pretty dangerous to draw any conclusion at all off the words, “We’re cooking.”

Still, you do get the feeling that contract talks of late have been more productive, and the overall quiet on both sides of the table seems to be an indicator that they might be motivated to get a deal done sooner rather than later. And the motivation is pretty easy would be pretty easy to figure.

On Brady’s side, avoiding as much physical risk as possible with that much money on the line is important. People constantly bring up the ACL tear of two years ago, but the Albert Haynesworth body-slam last summer is an important example that it doesn’t take a regular-season game or a full allotment of snaps for a player’s body to be put in peril. And on the other side, it probably wouldn’t behoove the Patriots to wait too long, because a mega-deal for Peyton Manning could change the market entirely.

That’s not to say anything is or isn’t going to happen, or when anything might or might not happen. What’s important is that it was Kraft’s intention to stay silent on the matter, and you can take what you will from that.


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