Belichick on Jimmy Johnson & ‘Survivor’


Bill Belichick and impeccably coiffed former coach and broadcaster Jimmy Johnson have long been friends, but there’s something Johnson has done that Belichick doesn’t believe he could: compete on the TV show “Survivor.”

Johnson is part of the “Survivor: Nicaragua” cast for the upcoming season, and yesterday Belichick was asked his thoughts on his friend’s taking part.

“That’s quite a contrast from the environment that I usually see him in,” said Belichick with a smile. “The times that I’ve seen Jimmy most recently [were] either in this [football] environment or on a boat fishing or relaxing on a nice day down in the Keys, having a good time. I hear it’s pretty rough on Survivor; everybody takes some mosquito bites.”


Johnson is one of 20 castaways on the show, and recently told the Associated Press that the experience was tougher than three-a-day practices. At least then, he said, you got a good night’s sleep and plenty of food. On “Survivor,” there’s minimal sleep and even less food.

Making matters worse? Johnson didn’t have hair spray or a comb while he was on the show.

Belichick has a great deal of respect for Johnson, who was one of the first NFL coaches to have a hand in acquiring personnel as well.

“Jimmy is great guy. We’ve had a great relationship,” Belichick said. “But seeing him out in that environment, I give him a lot of credit. My hat is off to him. I don’t think I could handle that.”

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