Bucket drill keeps Patriots QBs competitive


The bucket drill for the quarterbacks has been a fan favorite at training camp, but it also seems to be one of the highlights for the quarterbacks, too. Well, at least Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer.

There seems to be a little bit of a competition going between Hoyer and Tom Brady. The bucket is set up in the corner of the end zone and the quarterbacks try to sink the football from various distances. Hoyer has floated the ball into the bucket three times and he isn’t letting Brady forget it.

“I know it’s killing him that he hasn’t hit one of those bucket shots yet, and I have,” Hoyer said. “So I make sure I remind him every now and then.”


The first time Hoyer hit the bucket, he sprinted around in celebration. But he said there isn’t anything on the line. “It’s a just a friendly competition,” he said today.

There isn’t much strategy to the drill. “Just throw it,” Hoyer said.

While Hoyer maybe leading this competition, he said he uses every opportunity to learn from Brady.

“The best thing about being the backup to Tom Brady is learning from Tom Brady — in my opinion the best in the league,” Hoyer said. “So whether it’s working on footwork or us doing our bucket drill over there or watching film or watching him practice, I think that’s the most important thing I can get from being his back up.”

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