Coaches ready to rock out in Atlanta


Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff can’t wait to see his club practice against his old team, the Patriots, in the morning.

Football isn’t the only reason why.

When the two teams were negotiating how to run tomorrow’s session, Bill Belichick and his Atlanta counterpart, Mike Smith, decided to go with the home-team practice structure. So in many ways, the Patriots will be going through Falcons two-a-days (the teams will separate for individuals and come together for group and team drills).

There is one caveat — The Patriots’ tradition of blasting someone’s playlist over the speakers will come with them. And that playlist will feature three songs from Smith’s collection and another three from Belichick’s.

“I’m as excited to see that playlist come out between Smitty and Bill as anything,” Dimitroff said. “I’m sure it’ll be laced with ’70s music. I don’t think there’ll be any Eminem out there.” The GM said Belichick has “discriminating taste”, while Smith “spends a lot of time on the Sirius ’70s channel, and I’m not sure how far out of that genre he goes.”

We’ll have more from the Falcons GM on football matters in tomorrow’s paper. But for now … Anyone care to venture guessing on what the coaches have coming?


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