Highlights from Nick Caserio press conference

Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio said the team is looking forward to this week’s joint practice session with the Atlanta Falcons.

The Patriots travel to Atlanta this afternoon and will hold two practices with the Falcons tomorrow and have a team walkthrough on Wednesday before playing in a preseason game against the Falcons on Thursday.

A few highlights from Caserio’s press conference moments ago:

On Torry Holt being moved to IR:
“I think the decision with Torry we felt like it was the best decision for the club at this point in time. I mean, Torry came in; he worked hard. He did everything that we asked him to do — a total professional. He’s been a really good player and had a really productive career. In the end we got to make decision that we feel are best for the club.”


On thinking about roster spots: “I’d say we’re probably not at that point yet. I think we’re still just focused on the next thing in front of us which is today’s practice and obviously the practices with Atlanta. I think as we get further along here toward the end of the month and obviously you’re going to have to make some decisions, but I wouldn’t say we’re at that point just yet.”

On Ron Brace’s jump into his second year: “There’s certain things in the offseason that you can monitor between classroom work, between the offseason coaching sessions and he was headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, he wasn’t unable to be out there until yesterday … . Ron will work and I’m sure try to get himself up to speed. It’s good to have him up there and we’ll see how he does.”

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