Samuel blows off steam on old team


Well, not sure I quite expected this on a quiet Friday afternoon, fresh back from Atlanta.

Ex-Patriot Asante Samuel recently sat down with our buddy and Eagles beat man Geoff Mosher of the Journal-News, and opened up on what he believes are some misconceptions about his game. Turns out, he thinks a lot of that stems from his time in New England

“Ty Law in New England, he’s making all these picks. ‘Oh, he’s a great
corner, this and that’,” Samuel told Mosher. “But I all of a sudden go and do it (and it’s), ‘Oh, he’s in a Cover 2 defense, that’s why he isn’t as good
and this and that.’ But when Ty Law does it, it’s all gravy.”

Then, Samuel levied this blow: “I ain’t never said it, but (Bill) Belichick, I just felt like he had a thing
for me. He had something against me. I have no idea why.
He was going to start Troy Brown, a receiver, at nickel (corner) and
I’m over here sitting healthy and he don’t want to even play me.”

For the record, Mosher reached out to the Patriots, and the club refuted Samuel’s side of the story.

Samuel’s biggest point — that he’s a playmaker, pure and simple — is tough to argue. The rest, it seems, has become a bunch of hearsay, because the whispers about how bad the relationship between this player and the team have been out there.

Interesting stuff, anyway.


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