Forbes ranks Patriots 3rd in value


You’ve seen this before.

Forbes Magazine is doing its annual “Business of Football” series, and the Patriots again are prominent on the list of the league’s most valuable franchises. Specifically, Robert Kraft’s club comes in at $1.4 billion.

Only the Dallas Cowboys ($1.8 billion) and Washington Redskins ($1.6 billion) are worth more, according to the Forbes list. The Giants and Texans round out the Top 5 at $1.2 billion apiece.

But perhaps the most interesting thing in this whole package is Forbes backing the owners’ claims that the money train isn’t rolling like it used to, noting the first decline in overall franchise values since 1998. The union, of course, has been forced to use Forbes as a barometer at times with the owners’ steadfast refusal to open their books.

For what it’s worth, the Patriots’ franchise value this year is the same as it was last year.


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