Living life with the Wilforks


That’s Vince Wilfork with his wife Bianca standing next to him. And that’s a setting — the kitchen — you might not be used to seeing those two in.

But when Vince sheds the pads and packs away his helmet, he lives a life that’s remarkably normal. He’s a father and husband and homeowner, and all of it plays out like you might expect it would with the guy down the street.

The Globe’s Stan Grossfeld, was recently given a peek into this existence of Vince’s, and provided the pictures and take-out story to chronicle “The Wilfork Experience”. Pretty cool outlook that Big No. 75 has on life.


“I’m your average Joe Blow,” he told Stan. “I’m your plumber. I’m your garbage man. I’m your everyday people. I don’t send people out to get my mail. I don’t have no personal assistant, none of that mess. I’m a normal person. I drive myself everywhere. I don’t need no car service, that’s not me. We go to Walmart, we go to Target, we don’t have to go to the mall.”

I don’t need to tell you to give Stan’s work a read, but you should, and if you do you’ll learn plenty about Wilfork — Including his aspirations to raise a Kentucky Derby winner and his ability to dunk. Check it out.

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