Gruden, Jaws see good (not great) Pats club

It’s always worth checking out Jon Gruden … Or at least, that’s what Toucher & Rich tell me.

I’d actually agree. Gruden’s knowledgeable, passionate and unique, almost like a caricature of a football coach. So I figured you might want to know how he and his Monday Night Football partner Ron Jaworski feel about the 2010 Patriots.

The video above will tell you. And I will too. The ESPN people set over-under win totals of 10 for both the Jets and Patriots, and Jaws and Gruden both took the over with New York. They didn’t think quite as highly of New England.


Gruden said, “I think they’re gonna win 10 games, period, that’s the number. Tom Brady is gonna win 10 games with any team. But I think they’ve got a lot of young guys that have got to step up quick and that’s not easy.”

And Jaws followed, “I’ve got them at less. When you see this football team, they’re going through a transition right now. You have Tom Brady, you’ve got some mixing in the offensive line. They’ve got find themselves a little bit. A couple young tight ends, it’s gonna take some time to assimilate those young guys in the offense.”

You guys think they’re crazy? Or right on?

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