Highlights from Bill Belichick press conference

FOXBOROUGH — Here are a few tidbits from Bill Belichick’s press conference. He said that he expects any announcements about roster cuts to come tomorrow, which is the deadline to trim the roster from 80 to 75. “There’s still some moving parts that we need to figure out,” Belichick said.

A few other notes:

On how the final week affects players searching for spot: “I think that there’s an anxiousness or apprehension with players at this point in the season relative to a lot of things. … I think that’s pretty common in training camp or any competitive situation like that. Once there’s a deadline for certain decisions, then at least something is determined after that. Maybe not everything, but something is determined.”


On if Brady is more vocal in training camp: “… He’s always been a strong leader and he’s always been vocal, but not overbearing. He helps the younger players, talks with veteran players and there’s a good competitive spirit between him and some of the defensive players when we get into competitive drills … We’ve seen that before and we see it now.”

On starters playing in the last preseason game: “Coaches control playing time and the players should be ready to play every week regardless of the score or situation, … that’s there job that’s their responsibility and that’s what it is every week and that’s not going to change.”

On benefit to playing in New Meadowlands Stadium this week: “Just getting familiar with it. The field conditions, the footing obviously, the returns, the ball handling … just being comfortable in the whole set up. … A lot of little things that’s easier once you run through it once before you kind of know what you’re doing.”

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