Rodney weighs in on Rex’s antics

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Rodney Harrison never took on a Rex Ryan-led Jets team, with Herm Edwards and Eric Mangini having been the New York coaches during his Patriot years.

But he sure does seem to have a feel for how some of his ex-teammates feel about the big guy.

“It’s one thing if a player trash talks,” said Harrison on an NBC conference call. “But if a coach starts trash
talking, guess what? He hasn’t made one tackle, he hasn’t caught the
ball, he hasn’t scored one touchdown.

“You better believe, the Patriots have that circled with the Jets. They
hate the Jets, but they hate them even more because they’ve been coming
out saying, ‘This is our division.’ “

Rodney also thinks there’s a little more to Tom Brady’s comments of last week than might meet the eye.

“Tom Brady is an honest guy, but Tom never comes out and blatantly says
how much he hates a particular team,” Harrison continued. “So obviously they’re very tired,
fed up with the trash talk.”

The verdict? Week 2 can’t get here quick enough.


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