Ranking the NFL’s quarterbacks


Veteran ESPN NFL man John Clayton released his quarterback ratings this week with a familiar look to them — Peyton Manning and Tom Brady being at the top. Here’s what he had to say about Manning, ranked first, and Brady, right behind him. …

MANNING: At 34, Manning doesn’t show any signs of slowing. He sets the agenda for
modern NFL quarterbacks with the no-huddle and three-receiver offenses
and generates 12-win seasons as easily as he completes passes. Under
Manning, the Colts have won 12 or more games for seven consecutive

BRADY: I resisted the urge to put Drew Brees ahead of him, but Brady, with
three Super Bowl rings, is still the master. The knee injury slowed him a
little in 2009 (4,398 yards, 28 TD passes), but I expect his numbers to
be much better this season.

What I thought was a little curious was that Clayton had the arrowing pointing “up” on Manning (who’s coming off an MVP season), and staying “flat” on Brady (who was coming off knee surgery last year).

You’d have to do some scrolling down to find the rest of the AFC East on Clayton’s list. Mark Sanchez was 23rd. Chad Henne was 25th (Really? Behind Alex Smith?). Trent Edwards is 31st. 

Check it out, anyway. Always a good read, and gets you thinking about where each club’s starting quarterback (as well as stand-in Byron Leftwich) stacks up.


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