Ochocinco plans to start with a bang

It may not be Cincinnati week quite yet, in a technical sense, but a lot of guys (those who are assured of having jobs beyond the weekend) use these days to get ahead on work for the season opener.

Chad Ochocinco certainly isn’t wasting time.

When the exuberant Bengals receiver isn’t saddled with the finer points of an opponent’s coverages or personnel, he’s been known to draw up a unique celebration or two. “The Riverdance”. “The Tiger Woods” (a little outdated now). “The HOFer”. He even did the goofy “picture-taking” routine, executed with ex-teammate Peter Warrick, before LeBron James made it famous in Cleveland.


Now, comes “The Minuteman.” On Twitter today, Ocho explained: “If i am able to score week 1 in New England i will be taking the minutemen rifle and firing as they do when the PATS score.”

Not sure if the timing of this has anything to do with the Leigh Bodden (a corner 85 really respects) announcement. But should be interesting (and entertaining), anyway, seeing if the Patriots’ short-handed secondary can stop him.

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