Reebok yanks offer to Brandon Spikes


Patriots rookie linebacker Brandon Spikes was forced yesterday to pay — from a public-relations standpoint — for the distribution of a sex tape he appeared in.

Today, the cost became monetary.

Agent Terry Watson confirmed that Reebok has pulled an offer of a marketing deal previously extended to Spikes. Watson was informed by a former marketing agent of Spikes, and has put in a call to an executive from the Massachusetts-based company to discuss the matter.

The revelation of the pulled offer first appeared on a blog called “What Would Joe Namath Do?“, and that report indicated that the deal was worth $60,000 with on-field achievement incentives that could increase its value. Watson couldn’t confirm the financial terms, but did say that Spikes sees the error of his ways on this one.


“He’s OK,” Watson said. “There’s nothing he can do about it now but continue to be the person he is, and the kind of leader he will be on and off the field. He can’t rewind what occurred, but he’s been through adversity with football and off the field, like we all have, and knows how to deal with it.”

The league is looking into the matter, and the Patriots haven’t commented on it.

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