Belichick: Starters will play

Belichick master.jpg

If you were on the fence about watching tonight’s game, here’s a little piece of motivation for you to tune in: Patriots coach Bill Belichick told WFAN radio in New York today that his starters will, indeed, play in tonight’s game.

You could already count on seeing at least a little bit of that from the Giants. Eli Manning has just once been a healthy scratch from a preseason game — That one coming in the 2008 finale against the Patriots at the old Meadowlands.

But seeing New England’s starters is far less usual. Tom Brady hasn’t played in the final preseason game since back in 2003 against the Bears, and the Patriots have turned some of these games into hat-and-t-shirt affairs for the prime-timers.


Is this a result of the Rams game last week? Well, maybe. For the offense, the low number of snaps against St. could contribute to such a decision. For the defense, poor play could be the reason.

Either way, looks like tonight just got a little more interesting.

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