Bodden going under the knife today


Patriots cornerback Leigh Bodden went on injured reserve on Tuesday night, and today the road to recovery for the 2011 season begins.

The 28-year-old tweeted early this morning: “Up early in the morning for Surgery
Hungry as hełł I couldn’t eat after midnight…. I knew I should have set the alarm and ate at 11:50.

Which is to say today is the day he’s going into get his torn rotator cuff repaired. Most timelines for this type of injury would have Bodden able to return in time for the offseason program (if the players aren’t locked out) next March.

If there is one silver lining for Bodden, it’s that he was financially rewarded this offseason, after playing the 2009 season on a one-year deal. Feel free to fill up the comments section with your well-wishes for a guy who’s a pretty good dude, as well.


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