Reebok issues statement on Spikes

Folks at Reebok have issued a statement to clarify their side of the Brandon Spikes situation after a report last night that they pulled an offer for the rookie.

This from an email from Reebok spokeperson Dan Sarro:

“The media reports that Reebok has terminated an endorsement contract with Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes are completely false. Reebok never had a deal with Brandon. The story was reported without confirmation from Reebok, and as a result inaccurate information is now being reported as fact. We had discussions with Brandon earlier this summer, as we do with many NFL players, but no agreement has been reached and he is not currently under contract with Reebok.”

For the record, we never wrote that there was a signed deal; in today’s Globe and in an Extra Points item, we state that a deal had been proposed but has since been pulled.


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