Bits from Belichick

Bill Belichick just finished a relatively brief conference call that touched on both the activity that will go on over the next 24 or so hours and last night’s game with the Giants:

Opening statement
“Well, we had a pretty quick turn after last night; we have to get down to the business of reducing our squad. It’s been a busy morning, busy day in general — everyone in the league is going through the same thing. A lot of phone ringing, not quite like the draft, but elements of it. Anyway, we’ll make decisions…there’s still moving parts, and we’ll take it day by day, try to meet obligations and stay informed on movement going on [with other teams]. Looking at the tape, I thought we were competitive. We had guys in different situations, we were able to get younger guys more work, certainly more than they had gotten the week before. I think those guys learned a lot from those situations and that will make them and us better in the long run. We’re onto the Bengals, we all know they’re a good football team.”


On releasing Damione Lewis:
“I mean, I like a lot of things about Damione – he’s a solid guy, smart player, he worked hard, but in the end we felt like we had some other people ahead of him. There isn’t anything I don’t like about Damione Lewis, there are just other players we like a little bit better for one reason or another.”

On the next 24 or so hours:
“I’d say there’s no real set formula. We talk about our players and what our needs are, what we’re trying to do, who can do it. There’s a lot of different points of view, from position coaches to coordinators to special teams, and simultaneously Nick [Caserio] and his staff evaluate players on the other 31 teams as well as ours and they can make comparisons relative to players we have, some of which are available, others of which aren’t.”

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