Maroney keeping his confidence

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Laurence Maroney said he continues to have confidence that he can help the Patriots this season.

The running back got a few carries for the first the first time since the preseason opener tonight. He collected 32 yards on nine carries tonight and he came in with the second-team offensive line.

“I am just one of the guys right now,” Maroney said. “Just basically being patient and sitting back and seeing how things play out. Like I said, it is just one of those situations to where I am just going to always be prepared for anything for the best or for the worst. Whenever they call my number I am going to always be ready.”


When asked if he plans to start next Sunday, Maroney said, “around here you can’t expect anything so all I can do is prepare and prepare to get ready as if I was going to start. If I don’t, I don’t and if I do, I do.”

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