This & that from Belichick

Here are some of Bill Belichick’s thoughts from his post-game press conference:

On what he learned about his team this preseason
You know, I thought that overall, taking practices and the games and all of that into account, we had our ups and downs, but I think the team worked hard. I think they are in good condition. I think they’ll be ready to go. We’ve competed well for he most part on a day in, day out basis, so hopefully we can carry that into Sundays.

Does your secondary concern you at all?
Well I think everything concerns you until you get into the regular season and see how you match up against everybody and how they match up against you. Everything is really a question mark so we’ll find out where we’re at soon enough.


Are you pleased with your kickoff, punt returns so far?
We’ve had our moments. We’ve had our moments. At times it’s been our deterrence. But again, it’s preseason. Teams are kicking off, they’re just covering. We’re not seeing all the difficult coverage maneuvers that teams use and so forth. I think those evaluations all come in time. Now it’s time to get your fundamentals down get good at the basics, work on those, work on your overall team execution and situational awareness. It will be a whole different deal next week.

Was there a reason for playing the starters? That typically hasn’t been your pattern
Yeah, well we…I don’t know what the pattern is. We just do what we think is best in every game.

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