The roster’s 54th spot


If Quinn Ojinnaka makes the team today, the Patriots will wind up with not 53, but 54 men populating the active roster.

Ojinnaka would be moved to the suspended list, which would open up a temporary job for someone. And there are a couple things to keep in mind here.

First, it likely won’t be a vested veteran, since carrying such a player in Week 1 would mean guaranteeing his 2010 salary. Second, it probably wouldn’t be an offensive lineman.

Here’s why: The Patriots, and everyone else for that matter, typically don’t dress all their offensive linemen on gameday, usually leaving one or two inactive. So with that in mind, Ojinnaka would simply be, as a practical matter, one of your “inactive” offensive linemen on that particular day.

So that opens up a roster spot for the Patriots elsewhere. Assuming this is a job for a bottom-of-the-roster type, and perhaps someone who could go to the practice squad (provided he clears waivers) after Week 1, it’s easy to guess that the player in question would likely be someone who would contribute on special teams.

Who fits all of the above? Sergio Brown would certainly be one candidate to take the spot, and get his chance to earn his way on to the roster past the Cincinnati game.


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