Belichick mum on Mankins situation


A lot of you guys hit me up on Twitter this morning wondering about Logan Mankins’ situation, now that the Jets have taken care of Darrelle Revis. So I figured I’d go ahead and ask.

That picture to the right? It’s not Bill Belichick pushing Logan Mankins out the door. But the two-time Pro Bowler’s contract status isn’t exactly his favorite subject now. Asked about whether or not shifting into regular-season mode changes anything on Mankins, Belichick gave his stock answer.

“I’m gonna coach the players that are here,” Belichick said. “We’ll talk about the ones that are here.”

Mankins, of course, can show up if he wants. The long-term offer isn’t on the table anymore, but the reduced $1.54 million tender is. So would the guard be welcome back if, say, he strolled in today?

“Right now, I’m getting ready for the Bengals, with the players that are on our roster,” he responded. Then, Belichick was asked about whether or not he would make a trip — like Rex Ryan did with Revis — to visit Mankins and try to lure him back.

“Yeah, I’m really not familiar with all that,” Belichick said. “I don’t what everybody else does. I’m gonna coach the team best I can, for our team here. That’s what I’ll do.”

It’ll be interesting to see if playing the blitz-happy Jets (who can be even more aggressive with Revis back) and the way the Patriots line handles their pressure packages has an effect on all this should. We’ll see.


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