Bits from Belichick

So other than the practice squad and Logan Mankins, what else was Bill Belichick asked about today? Well, there was a mix of talk about the Bengals and the cuts New England made to (temporarily) set its 53-man roster.

Off the top, Belichick said it has “been a busy couple of days” as New England not only tried to evaluate its own roster but kept track of which players were being released by other teams as well as beginning preparations for Cincinnati, its opponent for the regular-season opener. We had a bit of an introduction yesterday, but basically we’ll get started today. There’s always a lot to do in the first game, a lot of information to process.”


He had little to say about the Pats’ decision to release Derrick Burgess and Tyrone McKenzie.

“We had to reduce our roster and kept players we felt were best players for our team going forward. He got off to late start this year, came in and really worked hard. We just went with other players,” Belichick said of Burgess.

McKenzie’s release came because of the trade for Tracy White and the claiming of Steve Maneri meant the team needed a roster spot, he said.

“It’s a tough time,” Belichick said. “It’s hard to release 22 or more players. It’s hard on the coaches, hard on the players, hard on everybody. You have to get past that and move on. We all know that’s going to happen, so everybody’s in the same boat on that, (but) it doesn’t make it any easier. Put that behind you and move on. Part of the difficulty and prep of opening day is unsettling of your roster and unsettling of opponent’s roster.”

As for Jarrad Page, the safety acquired from the Chiefs, and whether he’s able to play a roloe similar to the injured Brandon McGowan, he said: “Well, we’ll see. We haven’t had Page, but he’s played in league, we’ve played against him, he’s been a productive player. I’m glad we got him, I think he’ll be good addition to group.”

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