Harrison weighs in on Mankins situation


Got on the phone a little earlier to go over a myriad of topics in relation to the Patriots with Rodney Harrison. And eventually, the conversation turned to Logan Mankins’ contract situation.

“I’ve never in that situation, and I don’t really know anything about his particular situation, what the salary the team is willing to pay him is or what he wants,” Harrison said. “The only issue I can look at is that you can’t negotiate if you’re not in camp, that’s just how the Patriots work.

“Look at Vince (Wilfork). He wanted a new contract for a long time, and I’d never been more proud of the guy than for how he handled it. He kept his mouth shut, worked his ass off and got his big day. He didn’t complain, but everyone approaches it differently. If his camp feels that way, that’s business. It’s not like the Patriots hate him, they drafted him and made him an instant millionaire.”

The disconnect has, of course, become more personal over the last few months — With Mankins publicly expressing his displeasure and the Patriots and making comments that irked the Kraft family.

And so it goes. Harrison did add that he wouldn’t expect this one to be a distraction for the team that goes out there next Sunday, and that’s because of the man in charge.

“Belichick will tell tell them — You don’t know,” Harrison explained. “This is key, and it’s why he’s so smart. He’ll tell them you don’t know what you’re talking about, so don’t comment on it, just worry about what you can do to make the team better. It’s perfect.

“You’d think to yourself, ‘Why should I spend my time worrying about Logan Mankins and have it effect my ability to perform?’ These guys have seen this before, and there’s nothing you can do but shut your mouth and mind your own business.”


Harrison did strike a more optimistic tone on Tom Brady’s negotiations, saying that, “I have the ultimate confidence that Robert Kraft will take care of Tom Brady. I don’t know the business side of all this, I don’t know what he’s asking for or what they’re offering. … It is a business, but they love Tom, and he’s gonna be the quarterback there for a long time. It’ll get done. It may not get done in the realm of time that fans want it to, but it’ll get done.”

Pretty insightful stuff from No. 37.

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