Where the Patriots still have the Jets

There’s no way last night’s signing of Darrelle Revis by the Jets can be couched as a positive development for their rivals up I-95. The Jets defense was very good, even without Revis, and now could be ridiculous.

But that doesn’t mean their aren’t areas where the Patriots still have an edge on the Jets. Here’s one: Head coach.

While Rex Ryan proved his value again by stepping in and sparking the Revis negotiations over the weekend, the Jets coach (and he’s admitted this publicly) has a ways to go before he’s in Bill Belichick’s strasophere.

My old employer, Sporting News, actually just put together a list that reflects that. The mag’s season preview issue has a coaches ranking, with Ryan 10th, and Belichick first among the NFL’s 32 head men.

There is, of course, the quarterback position as well, in terms of Patriots’ advantages. So if you’re going to hang your hat on anything going into Week 2, those would be the big things.

Oh, wait … It’s still Week 1? Alright, we’re gonna head down to Foxborough to get Bengals week started here in a little bit, so if you’ve got nothing better to do on Labor Day, keep it locked here and we’ll keep you updated.


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