Brady on Moss: ‘He knows the business’


Randy Moss’ discontent has been riding shotgun to Tom Brady’s contract as the big story around here this week, and since Brady throws to Moss, the two subjects are, in a way, tied in to one another. After all, Brady’s negotiating a deal, and Moss isn’t, which is part of the reason he said he kinda felt “not wanted.”

Brady was asked during his paid appearance on Dennis and Callahan on ‘EEI this morning about his next-door neighbor in the locker room, and whether or not he and Moss have spoken about the discontent.

“He and I have a lot of conversations that are certainly very personal to the two of us,” Brady said. “This is the third team that he’s been on. So, he knows what the business
is, and he also knows what he can bring to the team.

a great player, and we’re better for having Randy Moss on the team.
What he does for us on a weekly basis in practice and a game, there’s
probably no the player in the history of the game who can do it. You
take about compartmentalizing, that guy can compartmentalize. He plays
with his heart, and that’s become misunderstood from time to time, but
he’s a great teammate and I really love having him.”

So Brady would like to see the Patriots extend Moss?

“I would love to have him — Of course, I would,” Brady answered. “It’s not my decision. I think this is something that is out of every player’s control. I would love to have Logan (Mankins), I would love to have some other players who have been extremely important to our team.

“Randy is important, was important, will be important, especially from my standpoint as a quarterback. I love Randy and I’d love to play with him for a long time.”


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