Lewis says T.O. brings…discipline?


One would think Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has his hands full coaching a team that includes colorful and at times controversial receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens (as well as cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones), but to the contrary, Lewis seems to be enjoying it.

Speaking with reporters via conference call today, Lewis was asked about the pair, who have dubbed themselves “Batman & Robin” and each had psedo-reality shows on VH1 this summer.

“These guys have personalities outside of this building other than the personalities inside this building of football players,” Lewis explained. “You guys see more of their personalities and the things that you watch and do and so forth. I don?t pay attention to that.


“As football players, Terrell has [been] a real pro. He?s helped uplift that room with his level of professionalism as far as his running and his ability to adjust and be able to learn a new offense and new responsibilities and so forth. And I?m excited for what he?s done thus far. He?s helped Chad be a more disciplined player. So it?s been a good thing thus far.”

Ochocinco lobbied Cincy brass to sign Owens, and assured today that they will be able to coexist: “It’s beautiful man, beautiful,” working with T.O., he said. “It’s going to be a freaking symphony out there.”

Though he gets daily updates, Lewis can’t be bothered to follow Ochocinco or Owens on Twitter, where Ocho in particular can post some…interesting things.

Another Bengal who has to deal with Owens and Ocho is quarterback Carson Palmer – but Lewis said he’s excited to see what Cincinnati’s offense can do.

“Carson is a player who wants to be successful. He did a great job of leading this football team a year ago. He?s had a lot of opportunities to win a lot of games again last year, and he came through in those opportunities,”” Lewis said. “And so we?ve hopefully added some pieces that I hope will do some of the things that I thought we were a little short at last year. And hopefully as we enter into the 2010 season, we just have to keep working on it.”

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