Week 2 talk is already starting


Some of the Patriots talked about getting a chance to kick back and enjoy a pretty solid Week 1 win over the Bengals.

Fat chance. With the arch-rival Jets on deck, if the Patriots focus isn’t turning, well, then everyone else’s seems to going that way already.

It wasn’t but minutes after the game yesterday when Randy Moss chirped … “I prided my whole offseason on staying off of Revis Island.” And now, despite the fact that the Jets still haven’t played their Week 1 game, coach Rex Ryan isn’t tiptoeing around what’s ahead. Remember all that talk about not being scared of the Patriots last year? Same deal this time around, even with his Jets putting a bull’s eye bigger than Rex’s belly on themselves.

“Doesn’t matter, because we’re putting a target on your team,” Ryan told Michelle Tafoya as part of ESPN’s Sunday Conversation. “And the target you put on our back isn’t anywhere close to the one we’re putting on you, and that’s it. We’re here on a mission to win a Super Bowl, and we’re not here to make friends.

“Bill Belichick is a way better coach than I am. There’s no question. But I’m not afraid of him, or anybody else. I know I’m a great coach. But more importantly, I know the people in my organization, our organization, are as good as there is. I’m set up to succeed because of the people around me.”

Yup. This is gonna be a pretty fun week.


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