Revis-Moss is officially on


Randy Moss said earlier this week “I prided my offseason in staying off of Revis Island,” and came back today and added a personal message to the Jets cornerback: “You’ve got 60 minutes of this slouch” (a reference to a 2009 dig from the corner) on Sunday.

Today, Jets coach Rex Ryan rang the bell for the week of anticipation for this matchup. Last night, Revis was mostly confined to the defensive left side, rather than matching up with a certain receiver like he normally does.

That will change Sunday. I asked Ryan this morning at his press conference if that means we can count on Moss-Revis III in five days, with the corner trailing the receiver wherever he goes.

“Yeah,” Rex responded. “You can go ahead and put that in there.” So we’re a go for Sunday, a matchup that’ll be exciting to watch no matter what your perspective on it is, after Moss was held to 58 yards on nine catches in their two meetings last fall. The fact that the Jets can even try doing this, let alone use this kind of thing to their advantage, speaks to why Revis is worth the money he just got — particularly when you consider he’ll have had just two weeks of real practice going into this one.

“He’s the only guy in the league you can do that with,” Ryan said. “That’s why we’re so fortunate that we have this guy. He’s a great player, and shoot, we just gotta get better away from him. And we will.

“I mean, (Antonio) Cromartie made an interception, I don’t know how many guys are gonna make that play. The guy has great ability, and I think he’s gonna be great from here on out, I really do.”

Ryan’s right, too. The Patriots’ ability to move the ball will likely be dictated by how they handle the other matchups, if this one doesn’t go in their favor, as it hasn’t the last two times.

That’s even bigger since it appears that Revis really is all the way back, even at this early juncture.

“I thought he looked outstanding (against the Ravens),” said Ryan. “It was my decision to keep him on the defensive left side, because I thought we could save some running from him, going back and forth. So I wanted to take that away from him, because he only had the week of practice. I just wanted to put him on the left and then we put Cro on the right, and hindsight being what it is, we probably should’ve matched him on (Anquan) Boldin.


“At the time, I felt it would be better that we just keep him in one spot, so he wouldn’t have to travel all the time. But we did that last year some, in some games, we’d just have a left corner or a right corner. Obviously, the kind of day Boldin had, it’s probably easy to go back and question that.”

Ryan added that, “He got through the game pretty good. He is in shape. The football shape part of it, I worry about that, and that’s why I wanted to just leave him in one spot. But I think we gotta travel him (now).”

That is, travel him with Moss, and give the public what it wants, which is a marquee matchup within a rivalry game. Should be fun to watch …

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