Darrelle Revis doesn’t hate Patriots, but …


This afternoon in the Jets locker room, Tom Brady’s comments about hating the Jets were passed along — from one team’s best player to the other’s — to Darrelle Revis. And the confident Revis, believe it or not, refused to reciprocate.

So this is one situation where the trash talker in this heated rivalry is to the North rather than the South.

“Not me,” Revis said when asked if he hates the Patriots. “I can’t speak for everybody else in this locker room. Some people might not like the Patriots and some people couldn’t care less about it. I don’t get into that stuff. I just go out and compete.”

Of course, most of Revis’s 15 minutes with the media today focused on one particular Patriot with whom the Jets corner has had battles. And the most of that honed in on Revis’s comments last January, when the All-Pro called Moss a “slouch”.

Revis’s first recollection was that those words came in September, after a Jets win, because Moss “played like a slouch” in that game. When apprised that he actually said it in January, Revis didn’t back down.

“Well, if I said it in January … whenever I said it, you guys know I said it,” Revis said. “That’s how I felt that particular time.”

Taking that into account, Revis did say that Moss provides one of the stiffest challenges he faces: “Gotta see him twice a year, so … he’s one of the best receivers in the game today. He has a lot of things in his game that are tricky. You gotta watch out.”

This whole tit-for-tat took on a new form this week, with Moss saying that “I prided my whole offseason on staying off of Revis Island” and that Revis will “get 60 minutes of this slouch.”

“He probably said it with a laugh, but it’s been in his mind the whole offseason, and he’s been working hard for this day to come,” Revis responded. “Like I said, I’m expecting him to play his A-plus game, I don’t expect anything less when I’m playing Randy. …

“I know he’s coming prepared. Randy Moss is a hard-worker and he wants to be the best. He has to do what he has to do to be the best, and that’s working out in the offseason and doing what you need to do to tie up your technique and things like that. …


“If that’s what he said, then maybe that’s what he’s been worrying about all offseason – staying off Revis Island. But like I said, I’m sure he’s gonna come well-prepare on Sunday and I’m sure he’s gonna have some tricks up his sleeve.”

Overall? Pretty tame, diplomatic stuff from Revis, mirroring the tame, diplomatic stuff coming from the Jets in general.

Perhaps it’s the situation they’re in — 0-1 and needing a win badly. Whatever it is, it’s a little different here this week.

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