Hernandez credits Moss for big play


A 45-yard run by rookie Aaron Hernandez helped set up the Patriots’ first touchdown last week, and today the tight end credited Randy Moss with helping to make it possible.

Asked if he was surprised at how wide-open he was on the pass from Tom Brady, Hernandez said no.

“Not really because I knew that when you send Randy on a deep route, everyone’s going to go with him, so I knew there was a good chance they were going to run with him because he’s such a deep threat, and I was wide open on a ‘7’ route, flag route, and I knew I was open and I just tried to make a play with it,” he said.


Having Moss on the field helps out all of the pass-catchers.

“With him on the field, you have to respect him because what he’s done and what he still can do, and he’s still one of the biggest deep threats in the game and if you send him deep you better put people on him because he’ll still beat you no matter how old he is,” Hernandez said. “With a player like that on the field it opens it up for everybody and that’s one of the reasons why we’re so successful in our offense.”

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