Moments from Bill Belichick’s press conference

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots coach Bill Belichick wrapped up his last press conference of the week moments ago. Here are some highlights:

On challenges of winning on the road: “I just think the league’s so competitive that it’s a fine line between winning and losing throughout the league. … Any little advantage of being at home, having the crowd, the familiarity of the stadium, the turf, the situation whatever it is, there’s a little bit of home field advantage there. …”

On rookie DE/LB Jermaine Cunningham playing for the first time in a regular season game: “He was doing well in training camp and up into the Saints practices andt hen wasn’t able to play in any of the preseason games, so he fell a little bit behind. The game last week was kind of like his first preseason game. … He’s got a long way to go. I think he’s making strides, he’s working hard, he’s improving. He’s just got to amke up for a lot of lost time and some game experience that he needs to acquire from all aspects. …”


On potential roster move for the 53rd spot: “I still think we’ll make one here before the week is over.”

On Jason Taylor: “Jason’s had a great career and still continues to be productive. A tough guy to block off the edge; he’s long; he’s quick. He’s very experienced. He knows how to use the tools and skills that he has and still does a good job.”

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