Wrapping up Thursday from Jersey


Just back off the train (Hey Acela, love the ride, but please stop advertising that you have WiFi until it actually starts working … Thanks) after spending most of this week with the Jets. And you’ll be reading a pretty extensive story on Darrelle Revis’ dominance over Randy Moss in a few hours. Until then …

* Revis’ hamstring injury is a good example of how he’s really become a quarterback-like figure for New York, since they don’t, y’know, have a great player at that position right now. What you need to know is that Revis said he’ll be fine, despite the left leg injury keeping him from most of the second half of practice. Rex Ryan said he’s erring on the side of caution here. The coach characterized it as “tightness” and when the possibility that Revis could miss the game was posed, Ryan quickly jumped in. “No,” he said. “I didn’t say that.”

* Brodney Pool is another one worth watch, as he missed last week’s game and was limited today with an ankle injury. The Jets struggled mightily to cover Ravens tight end Todd Heap, and it stands to reason that, while they’re very good on the outside, their aggressive nature could cost them over the middle with players at that position. Pool handled tight ends for the Browns, and could be the one to draw Rob Gronwkowski or Aaron Hernandez.

* One thing that seems clear is the Jets are trying to sort out the mixed messages Mark Sanchez seems to be getting. On one hand, they want to make sure he’s aggressive. On the other, they want him to avoid mistakes. Ryan said that his emphasis on avoiding mistakes against the Ravens defense might have hampered Sanchez and that, in turn, might have prevented the Jets from attacking the weak spot at cornerback for Baltimore.

* The Shonn Greene situation is an interesting one, and ties right back into the message sent to Sanchez. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer conceded today that Greene was, indeed, yanked from the Ravens game for his second quarter fumble, and that the rule applies to all his players (except the quarterback … who you really can’t just pull). Almost as if the coaches are saying to the offensive players: Look, we’ve got a great defense, don’t foul it up.

* You saw Haloti Ngata eviscerate Alan Faneca’s replacement at left guard, Matt Slauson, on one play on Monday night. But the coaches swear he played a solid end-to-end game, save for that pretty serious hiccup.


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