Details of Mortensen’s comments about Mankins

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — There are reports that ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported with certainty that left guard Logan Mankins will report to the Patriots for the last six games of the season.

Mortensen’s comments were part of a “10 Questions” segment with Mortensen and Adam Schefter, according to a transcript provided by ESPN. Schefter asked Mortensen if “we will see Logan Mankins anytime in New England this season.”

Mortensen responded, “Yes, we are going to see him. He will show up for at least the six games to get his accredited season. Logan Mankins will play for the Patriots at some point this year.”


It doesn’t seem to be a report as much as it was Mortensen’s opinion. Either way, the thought is not a surprise. Mankins would have to report for the final six games of the season in order for the season to count as his sixth in the NFL. As a result, he would be eligible for free agency. As of now, Mankins is not under contract, but the Patriots have rights to Mankins.

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