Bits from Belichick


Bill Belichick just wrapped his day-after press conference, and when it came to most things associated with yesterday’s loss to the Jets, his stock answer was that New England needs and should do some things better. There will be preparations for Buffalo, of course, but the Pats will be addressing some of their own issues as well.

The coach was a bit more expansive when it came to a couple of topics, most notably Eric Smith’s hit on Wes Welker in the first half which drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty on the safety.

Belichick spoke with game officials after the play.


“I think we both kind of saw the same thing. They threw a flag on it,” he said. “I don’t think that’s what the league’s looking for with those kind of plays. I can’t imagine they are. Just asking about ruling and what they saw…that’s their call, not mine.”

Smith’s helmet-to-helmet hit came after he essentially launched himself at Welker, who didn’t see him coming. Belichick was asked if Smith should have been ejected, and he simply said that the officials did throw the flag to penalize Smith, who undoubtedly will be receiving a fine from the NFL for the hit.

There is no news yet on running back Kevin Faulk; Belichick said he is still undergoing tests. Faulk left the game in the fourth quarter with a right leg injury and in the locker room after the game he looked grim.

On Randy Moss’ spectacular one-handed touchdown reception, Belichick agreed that it was a pretty grab, but being on the practice field with Moss for over three years, he’s seen it before.

“It was a terrific catch, but we’ve seen that play in practice maybe a dozen times,” he said. “I’ve seen him do that a number of times, running full stride, puts his hand out…the first time you see it, it’s like ‘my God,’ but…those of us in practice and watch Randy I’ve seen him make that play a number of times.”

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