Brady won’t fan the flames on fan comments

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Tom Brady took some not-so-thinly-veiled shots at Patriots fans last week when he called out those who left Gillette Stadium early during the opening week win over the Bengals and unfavorably compared “friendly” Patriots fans to “loud” Jets fans.

Today in Foxborough, Brady was asked about what kind of crowd noise he expected for Sunday’s game against the Bills. ”I don’t know,” he said smiling. “Hopefully we give them a reason to cheer. Hopefully we get some touchdowns early.”

Brady then was asked if anyone misinterpreted his unprompted comments about the fan support at Gillette. “I got no comment,” he said after laughing at the question.


When asked later if he regretted the fan comments, Brady replied: ”I don’t regret anything that I ever say. I kind of speak my mind for the most part.”

Brady also spoke at length about the loss of running back Kevin Faulk: “Other people are going to have to fill in for that role and [it] may provide other opportunities for other guys who have been in that role to step in there and do what they can do.”

“Kevin will come back from it,” Brady said. “He’s come back from everything in his life. Kevin’s a fighter, he’s a warrior. It’s just about hard work, that’s all it is. Kev will do that.”

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