Highlights from Bill Belichick’s news conference

Bill Belichick wrapped up his news conference and touched on a few topics from the impact of losing Kevin Faulk to facing a Bills defense that doesn’t include retired defensive end Aaron Schobel.

On trying to replace Kevin Faulk:
“He’s a really special guy who did a lot for us on and off the field. We could go on and on about that. It’s a long list. He’s a very dependable guy, professional, great teammate, great team player. But hopefully, we’ll do what he would do which is be positive, step up, take advantage of those opportunities however they fall and have a good week of preparation and get ready to go on Sunday.”


On replicating what Faulk does: “I don’t think you’re going to find any one player to be a duplicate of Kevin Faulk. When we lost Tom [Brady] at the beginning of the ’08 season, Matt [Cassel] came in and we won 11 games. We weren’t the same team, but we found a different way to win than the way we did before. … I don’t think we’re going to find one player to be a carbon copy of Kevin Faulk. I don’t think that exists, and I don’t think that’s really realistic. As a team we have to find a way to be efficient, be productive, move the ball, score points, even though he’s not in there. It will be a challenge, but that’s what we need to do.”

On facing Bills without Schobel:
“There’s changes every year. He’s been a great player for them, but they look pretty good on defense right now, but that’s part of the game. Every year you look at every team and there’s guys on their team that aren’t there and there are guys on our team that aren’t there. That’s just part of the game. But I look at the players that are there and it’s a good defense. They’re big. They’re physical. They play hard. They’re tough to move the ball against. That’s what I see.”

On progress of safety Jarrad Page:
“He’s really smart. He’s a smart guy. He has good experience. He’s played. Even things that you could learn in a book or on paper … those kind of things, he’s actually done them. He’s done most of anything that we’ve done. Maybe it’s called differently or put together a little differently, but he’s done all of those things. He’s really been impressive in practice. Any opportunities he’s had, he’s picked things up very well. I don’t think learning is any kind of issue with him. He’s very experienced.”

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