What’s up with Randy Moss?

Moss Catch.jpg

A solid training camp and some pointed words from the principle party brought optimism around these parts that Randy Moss would have an enormous 2010.

To this point, it hasn’t happened. Yes, there was the spectacular touchdowns catch on Sunday — Vintage Moss — but outside of that, this has been a strange start to the season for No. 81.

ESPN.com AFC East man Tim Graham came up with this very interesting statistic: Moss has as many drops (4) through two games as he had all of last year. And after some research, I’ve dug up a number than might be even more damning.

There are 25 receivers in the NFL who have been targeted 16 or more times over the season’s first two weeks. Moss, who’s been thrown to 18 times, has the second lowest number of catches in that group. San Diego’s Malcom Floyd has six catches to Moss’ seven.

To be fair, Moss’ low number is, in part, because plenty of throws that come his way are decidedly lower percentage (and further down the field) than the average receiver. Moss’ per-catch average (13.9 yards) is much lower than Floyd’s (23.8), which isn’t good, but is also attributable in part to the attention Moss attracts.

Now … back away from all that explaining for a minute. Isn’t it hard to believe that Moss would be near the bottom of any group in anything? One thing that’s for sure is that, to this point, his two-week, 97-yard start to the season hasn’t exactly been what the Patriots are looking for. We’ll see if Buffalo’s the elixir to get him going.


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