Highlights from Bill Belichick’s press conference

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots coach Bill Belichick wrapped up his Friday press conference moments ago and touched on a few issues from filling a roster spot, to Stephen Gostkowski’s kicking troubles to monitoring a player’s confidence.

His comments are below. The Patriots will practice around 11:30 a.m. inside Gillette Stadium as the team prepares for Sunday’s match up against the Bills.

On filling the extra roster spot: “We’ll have to do something by game time. …. There’s a number of options. We’ll just get through the week here. I think there’s a couple of ways we could go.”


On Stephen Gostkowski’s struggles: “Our whole football team in the two regular season games, there are times when we’ve been good and there have been times when we haven’t been as good. I think that’s true for every individual player. … It’s the same for all of us. Steve’s had a good preseason. He’s worked hard. It’s still a combination of a snapper, holder, kicker. It’s a whole operation and I think everybody can be better. …”

On reading a player’s confidence after bad performance?: “I think everybody that is in the National Football League has had a bad day — every coach, every player. I couldn’t list anybody that hasn’t. We’ve all been through that. We’ve all had days where we haven’t perform well. There have been plenty of days in practice where we haven’t performed well, too. It’s not unique to the game. … That’s a part of football. That’s part of being a competitor. It’s finding a way to correct the mistakes and move on and perform the better the next opportunity you get. We all face that. …”

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