Brady revisits the victory, talks defense and playing Monday night

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Tom Brady made his contractually obligated appearance around 6:30 a.m. today on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan and touched on a few topics.

Among the topics: defining a win, playing with a young defense, the fans, the second-half and the hype around a Monday night game.

On winning a close game against Buffalo: “When you look on the other side of the ball and you realize the kind of talented players the other team has, anybody can make those plays to win games on a weekly basis. … You really never know. I don’t think you go into any of these games thinking, ‘Oh, man, this is going to be a breeze.’


“…There might be a little margin of error when you play certain teams, but at the same time if you don’t play well, you’re going to lose the game. … You have to go out there and make the plays that are there to be made. At times we did that yesterday. In our offense I think there were times that we didn’t really do that and I think that was evidenced by just the ups and downs a little bit about what we were doing.”

On moving on week to week: “As these games end, you really watch the film and you move on. You can’t sit here and think, “I wish we would have won by two touchdowns last week.’ It just doesn’t matter.

“The reality is now the clock is starting on Miami and all the preparation we put into Buffalo and their scheme certainly is good because you have another three weeks of practice as well as another 60 plays of experience for some players that need some experience but all of the schematical things are completely changing. Now it’s a race to the next week.”

Should the offense carry younger defense?: “The defense is opportunistic. They made a couple of big plays there at the end which we really needed. You’re right, they are a bit younger than the offense and the offense should feel like it has more responsibility in terms of playing with situational football and so forth.


“The thing about the defense is they have a lot of talented players. They’re all first and second round picks over there, it’s not like they can’t play. Playing against them in training camp, I know the kind of plays they can make, so you’re right, I think not having quite the experience as the offense is one thing. Having the youth and excitement, it’s a very fast defense that can make some plays and I have a lot of confidence in those guys. “

How that can go both ways: “In ’01, ’03, ’04, we had great defenses,” Brady said. “I wouldn’t say we were prolific offenses by any stretch, and they never did that. I think you really learn that being part of a team is playing complimentary football and playing complimentary is when they need the offense to make the plays to win the game. …”

How much did RB Danny Woodhead know entering the game?: “He knew everything. It was strange. It’s not like it’s his rookie year. He’s going into his third year and he had a little familiarity with the way we called some things and so forth because of the Jets when Mangini was there used some similar terms.”
On Monday, Woodhead got the playbook and by Tuesday he was ready to go, Brady said.
“Believe me, it’s not that easy either,” Brady said. “I’m not sure where he went to college. I know he’s not like a Harvard kid or anything, but he did a hell of a job coming in there to make those plays that he did, those were huge plays in the game.”
On what he took from second half offensively: “… It’s a great feeling for an offense and it gives you a lot of confidence each week that when you need it, we’re going to do it. I think that’s one thing that we took out of yesterday’s game in the second half. When we need to score, we’re going to score and we’re going to end the game. And I think that’s a big positive we can take moving forward.”
On fans: “I wasn’t trying to call people out. I guess I just made kind of an off-handed comment based on the first game. I’ll tell you what, yesterday it was awesome. When you’re an opposing team and you come into an environment and you can’t hear, and the communication is an issue … it is so important.
“There’s something about our home stadium that’s tough to come in and play when the crowd is really yelling and screaming like they were at the critical moments yesterday, you know, that’s a big advantage for a team.”
On playing Monday night games: “As I play more, I really enjoy those Monday night games and Sunday night games because they are special games and you’re usually playing a big opponent. And you also know it is kind of to see whether the guys on the team can rise to that kind of level of attention.
“It’s not a playoff game certainly, but you know there is one game being played right now and how are we going to perform when there’s one game being played and against a good opponent, on the road with a lot of build up. That’s a precursor for what kind of team you’re all about. So if you perform well in those situations, who knows what lies ahead for us.”

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