Bits from Belichick, Caserio and Johnson

Bill Belichick, Nick Caserio and defensive line coach Pepper Johnson just wrapped up the weekly Tuesday conference call. Here are some highlights:

Belichick on the Dolphins’ use of the Wildcat offensive package:
“I would never say it was a huge part of their game plan; it was something they have used and continue to use. It’s another thing to keep you off-balance. Last year they ran a different version of it with Pat White, but with him not there, they’ve gone back to the original version with Ronnie Brown running it. Ricky Williams did some as well. You have to prepare for it but I don’t think they’ll be in it for 40 plays or anything like that.”



Belichick on Chad Henne:
“He’s a good quarterback…has good poise, manages the team well, hasn’t turned the ball over. He does a good job operating the offense, which is a pretty complex and diverse one that they use. They use a lot of different formationing and ‘check with me’…looking at him on film, he looks pretty confortable with everytyhing they’re doing. He operates well, can move around pretty well back there in the pocket, he can make all the throws. He’s a pretty solid quarterback has done a good job for them.”

Belichick on releasing Steve Maneri and what happens with the 53rd roster spot:

“We’ll see how things go with the waiver wire today. We worked out a couple of other players, talked about a few possibilities, so somewhere here in the next few days we’ll make a decision and re-work the roster. I’m sure we’ll add somebody by the end of the week. But we claimed Steve, I like Steve, but making transition from one position to another [tight end to tackle], and he still has a ways to go.”


Caserio on scouting the Canadian Football League (which is where Miami found Cameron Wake):


“You allocate a certain amount of time to it. Their season, to a degree, is concurrent with ours, but you try to get a listing of the top 20 or so players. A lot of those players may have been in NFL previously…But we’ll allocate some time. Our philosophy is wherever there’s players avail that could help our team, [we’ll scout there].”


Johnson on Ron Brace’s development:


“I guess maturing. I thought Ron – and I didn’t view him as being so bad in the Buffalo game [last December] — just some cats mature a lot faster than others. He’s just learning the game a lot better, the professional game a lot better now.”


Johnson on whether Vince Wilfork’s attitude has changed after signing a long-term deal:

“Not at all. Some guys are true thoroughbreds and love the game…Vince is not a guy that’s looking for a paycheck to make his status, he’s tring to be the best noseguard that’s ever played the game. He’s trying to make his mark in the league.”

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