Brady/Koppen pairing stands test of time


Every week, the PR folks at the league send out a release filled with obscure, yet interesting facts and figures. And this week, this one stood out to me — This Sunday, Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday will become the league most venerable quarterback-center duo ever, starting their 158th game together. Here’s the list …

t-1. Jim Kelly/Kent Hull, Buffalo — 157
t-1. Peyton Manning/Jeff Saturday, Indianapolis — 157
3. Brett Favre/Frank Winters, Green Bay — 123
4. Steve Bartkowski/Jeff Van Note, Atlanta — 120
5. Phil Simms/Bart Oates, Giants — 106

That got me wondering where Tom Brady and his center for the last eight seasons, Dan Koppen, would stand on such a list. And after some research, I found that they’re about to crack the Top 5.

Brady and Koppen have started 91 games together, dating back to Week 2 of the 2003 season, putting them just in front of the Giants’ combo of Eli Manning and Shaun O’Hara. So health permitting, at the end of this season, Brady and Koppen will be 104 starts in tandem, and early next season they’d crack the Top 5. Pretty hard to believe.


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