Will the season be ‘enhanced’?


The Patriots have their bye week after Monday’s game in Miami, and chances are — even after just four games — there are a lot of players who’ll need the break badly. And then, after they get it, they’ll have at least 12 more games to grind through.

This is the way the players think about the prospect of an expanded regular season … What if those 12 games were 14? How could I make it through all that?

That’s why the union didn’t like hearing Colts president Bill Polian call the “enhanced season” a “fait accompli” on Monday. But on Tuesday, another step was taken toward the implementation of it, when the PA was presented with a formal proposal on the concept for the first time. After explaining it over the phone last night, NFLPA president Kevin Mawae — who wouldn’t expound on the proposal, because the union just got it — said that the 18-game season is no slam dunk.

The league can, technically, move forward unilaterally on this. But you can bet shoving this thing through the process would probably do much to poison the ongoing labor negotiations.

“From a players’ perspective, this is not a done deal,” Mawae said. “We
spent three hours in the bargaining session talking about this and, as
players, the thing that concerns us the most is the toll this will take
on a player’s body. Look at someone like me, a 16-year vet — that’d be
32 more games. Of all the things we’re trying to sell to other players,
the 18-game season is the hardest thing to sell.”

Want to learn some more about this, and how some real life issues that affect people like you and I are in play here? Here’s the full story from this morning’s Globe.


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