Belichick says ‘We’ll see’ on Freddy T

Fred Taylor.jpg

Maybe this means something. Maybe it doesn’t. But at the outset of Bill Belichick was asked if the signing this week of Thomas Clayton off the Browns practice squad was to protect the team in the event Fred Taylor can’t go on Monday night.

“Definitely,” Belichick said. “Gives us a little more depth at that position. Absolutely.”

Asked a little later more directly about Taylor’s toe injury, and whether it’s a long-term thing, Belichick was more vague.

“We’ll see,” the coach said. “Just kind of taking it day-to-day. I think he’s getting better. We’ll see how he turns around.”

Belichick was then posed with a question of whether the club might rest an injured player this week, knowing the bye week’s ahead, so that player might have a better chance to get to 100 percent. Or as close to it as possible.

The coach shot that one down (kinda) … “If the player’s cleared medically then it becomes a coaches decision based on what players you want to play,” he said. ‘If he’s not cleared medically, then there’s no decision.”

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