Struggling Darius Butler: ‘I’ll be ready’


Gotta give second-year Patriots corner Darius Butler credit — In a spot where I’ve seen plenty of players I’ve covered run and hide, this guy is owning his problem and doing it publicly, which is admirable. He talked with the horde about it on Wednesday, and today he posted on the subject on his blog at his personal Web site,

Butler said he understands why the coaches benched him last week, and pledges that, “When they call my number, I’ll be ready.” Here’s a little more from the post …

This is the biggest obstacle I’ve faced
in my athletic career thus far. I’ve never really been benched or had
ongoing struggles when it came to performing on the field. I have been
working double-time on going back to the basics and being more attentive
to the little things. I know that my early struggles have been solely
on me and corrections being made in between the ears mostly. I think I
have made the necessary corrections when it comes to those things, now
it’s all about getting back out there and making plays on game day.

This, of course, hardly means he’s any sure thing to bounce back. But taking the right attitude has got to be a pretty positive step in that direction.


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