A calm Chung getting game down

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Patriots safety Patrick Chung was one young player on the defense who actually showed advancement in his development over the first three weeks of this season, so tonight’s explosion wasn’t exactly out of left field.

Still, score a pick-six, and block a punt and a field goal, and you’re having a big day, no matter who you are. And Chung was, indeed, having a large evening tonight. But he did deflect some of the credit, saying that his interception was a bit of a gift and praising Scott O’Brien for his work in setting up the big special-teams plays.


something coach saw,” Chung said. “I mean, we just practiced everything that happened in that
game. All those blocks, and people doing their job. I give it to them. If
they’re not doing their job nothing happens. So we executed. Coach drew
it up and it happened just like he did it.”

Where else is Chung placing credit. He says he’s been using woo-sa to calm himself. It was a joke, and a reference to a movie, but the storyline was pursued, nonetheless.

“It’s just relax. Don’t get too hyped. Just
relax. Woo-sa,” he said with a laugh. “If you play calm you know what
you’re doing. You can play fast when it comes down to it.”

Chung looked plenty fast last night.

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