Patriots postgame quotes

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Brandon Tate on his kickoff return for a touchdown to start the second half:

“I’ve got to give all the credit to my teammates for doing their assignments. Without them it wouldn’t be possible… I give credit to everybody else that was out there that freed me up… you know the game wasn’t over, we had to keep playing but we had some more good plays on special teams help us too though. [Belichick] was just saying [at halftime] just go out there and just make a play because with the first return we saw that it was going to be open, so he called it, he just told me just get to the outside and just run it…


Tate on preparing for the Dolphins:

“It was big coming into this week, taking practice more serious, everybody focusing on what we have to do more of the little things and we just came in and got a big win… that was big for us getting the road win because people were saying we couldn’t win on the road but we just blocked that out and trusted each other and played together as a team.”

Patrick Chung on if he’d ever had a game like tonight:

“No, But it feels great. you just gotta give thanks to the man upstairs. He blessed me.”

Chung on what he saw while making his two blocks (on kicks):

“Exactly what we executed. I mean just looping people. People picking people up. It opened up just like coach drew it up on the board so you execute and things like that happen. You just gotta see what you’re blocking. You don’t get too many chances like that.”

Chung on if he saw something in the Dolphins special team coverage that allowed him to make his blocks:

“That’s something coach saw. I mean, we just practiced everything that happened in that game. All those blocks, and people doing their job. I give it to them. If they’re not doing their job, nothing happens. So we executed. Coach drew it up and it happened just like he did it.”


Chung on what is “Woo-sa” is [something Chung was saying earlier in the week; the phrase was also in Bad Boys II]:

“It’s just relax. Don’t get too hyped. Just relax. Woo-sa [laughing]… if you can play calm, you know what you’re doing. you can play fast when it comes down to it.”

Rob Ninkovich on his two interceptions:

“The first one: It was just stacked. The receivers were stacked. I was actually thinking run because it was second down. So I was looking at the backs. Saw that it was a pass. They ran an indigo. I just got back to my drop and read the quarterback. Saw he was looking right at me. On the second one, Marshall was lined up at two. I saw they were running a boot. Hartline ran a snag. Henne was looking right at him so I just drove at him and that was it.”

Ninkovich on how it feels to do it against his former team:

“It feels pretty good. You know, I was here as a practice squad guy. Now that I’m here playing against them, it feels good to play my old team… I was an inside linebacker here. It was just one of these things. I was here in ’07 for that great year and ’08.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick on Tate’s return for a touchdown:

“We had run the other return; you know we come back to the other side. Then this one we kind of bounced it outside and he got a great block from Sammy Morris and then just turned it on and split it. Brandon has been close several times this year. He was close to one in Cincinnati and has been close to ones some other times. He doesn’t need much room, but Sammy Morris made a great block, they did a nice job. [Danny Woodhead], Rob [Ninkovich], all those guys, [Jarrad] Page, the wedge, [Rob Gronkowski], and Dan Connolly. Those guys did a great job of blocking. [Brandon] Tate hit it and it was all over.”


Belichick on the win:

“Feels good to come in here after a game like that. It was a great team effort tonight. I am really proud of the players; offense, defense, [and] special teams played hard. Miami is a good football team. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of them, there is no doubt about that. Tonight was kind of our night and the credit goes to the players. Those guys played hard and they made plays all night.”

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on why the team was so confident heading into this game:

“I’m out there watching us practice, and so is Coach Belichick. He has a lot of confidence in us and what we’re doing. Special teams, you know we have a good kickoff return team. We talk about blocking kicks, and the defense has some very talented players, and they can make some plays on the ball like they did tonight. They all contributed.”

Brady on the younger players being involved in the victory:

“That’s so important, as an offense, you want them to defend everybody. If they’re only defending one guy, and that’s the guy you keep going to, then that’s not a very good offense. Brandon [Tate] has to be involved, and Woody [Danny Woodhead] and Sammy [Morris], all the backs, the tight ends are doing a good job. We have to continue to find ways to spread the ball around.”

Brady on Woodhead:

“He’s quick, you have to be quick to cover him. He’s really able to do some things for us, create some mismatches. He had another great game tonight.”

Brady on Brandon Tate’s kick return:

“That was awesome. We talked a lot about the second half this week, and what we needed to do, and that was a great way to start’re getting all hyped up, ready to go out there, and throwing the ball around, and then you see Brandon run it back for a touchdown and you take a seat on the bench. So I’ll take that any time.”

Brady on motivation, if the Patriots were disrespected, and if he had a chip on your shoulder tonight?

“It’s going to be there for a while, I think. We got a lot of chips.”

Brady on becoming the fastest quarterback to reach 100 wins:

“I’ve played on a great team for my entire career. Same organization that’s committed to winning. I’m privileged to be a quarterback for this team. I hope I’m here forever.”

Kyle Arrington on the win:

“I guess it was 13 different picks in the newspaper. It was all Miami, Miami, Miami, Miami, Miami… not one pick from any of the experts, you know. It was just a great overall team win. We couldn’t be happier going into the bye week.”

Arrington on the touchdown after the blocked field goal:

“It was just a great call by our special teams coordinator Scott O’Brien. We scouted them pretty well and Pat [Chung] did a terrific job… the guy had two blocked kicks, you know he blocked a punt earlier as well so my hats off to Patrick, with a tremendous effort by him and I was just fortunate enough to be in the right place in the right time.”

Arrington on special teams:

“It says a lot about our hard work and how dedicated and devoted we are. Special teams as you can see is as important phase of the game as offense and defense and you know we got a couple of touchdowns off it and you know that was a big lift for us.”

Danny Woodhead on how different players stepped up tonight:

“We were all working hard and you know we had a lot of guys step up and make some huge plays and just as a team I think we played well tonight.”

Woodhead on the special teams today:

“Special teams you know played great I think three scores you know one of them was a block and the offense had taken it in you know it was huge tonight. The whole team played great and got the win, you know that’s number one. That’s the most important thing and we’re happy that we won tonight.”

Jerod Mayo on the Patriots defensive performance:

“I think we went out there and did OK. We handled business and got the win.”

Mayo on the Patriots having something to prove:

“We did. We had something to prove. Everybody doubted us, but we like it that way. Keep doing it.”

Wes Welker on the play of special teams tonight:

“You know special teams was perfect tonight except for my mishap. Luckily, no harm, no foul. But at the same time, I hate being the lone guy that screwed up tonight on special teams. It was great seeing the guys out there and hustling around and making plays on special plays.”

Welker on Rob Ninkovich’s good hands on defense:

“Yeah, if we ever have injuries at receiver or tight end or need guys there, I guess we can call on Rob (laughs). He has great hands. He had a great game and everything that was in the air he pounced on.”

Welker on the play of Danny Woodhead:

“Yeah, you have to love [Danny] Woodhead. That’s what you love to see. Put the size and everything to the side because the guy can play some ball.”

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