Thank you for everything

And when I say everything, I mean it.

I’m boarding a flight to Los Angeles in a couple minutes. I’m not just going cross-country, I’m also reshaping the career I’ve worked half my life to build.

This post will be my last act for the Boston Globe (well … other than that last expense report), a newspaper I grew up reading, dreamed of working at when I started in this business, and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of for the last year. I never planned on things being this brief, and if the opportunity in front of me wasn’t as great as it is, I wouldn’t think of leaving. Even as things were, this decision was an excruciating one.


That’s because I love my job at the Globe, and my greatest hope is that, whether you liked me or you didn’t, that came through in my work. I’ve always seen myself not as a sportswriter, but as a football writer, because it’s the sport I’ve been connected with since I was a little kid, and it’s the only one I’m really passionate about. The folks on Morrissey Blvd. provided me with the resources to cover that sport the right way, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. And to hold the job that a role model of mine, Will McDonough, once held was a huge, huge honor.

So back to the start of this entry — I said “everything.” What does that mean?

Well, if you responded to something I wrote, via email, Twitter or in the comments section of this blog, that means you had some level of interest in football and the local team — or at least I think it does — and without that kind of interest, it would be impossible for Boston to be the place it is from an overall sports-following standpoint. It’s a great place to work, and live, and I know that because like a lot of you, this is where I’m from, even if I have lived in five different states over the last decade.
Hopefully, I gave you what you deserve, which is real, honest-to-goodness journalism set in the field of sports, and all the football expertise I could. I also would hope that I lent insight into not only the Patriots, but the other 31 teams as well, as part of my job and the Sunday Notes column that I saw as the most important part of that work.
By “everything”, I especially mean when anyone was critical. I’m a firm believer that that you don’t get better by being told how good you are. You get better by being told harsh truths about your work, and I know you guys didn’t let me off the hook much. So thanks for keeping me on my toes.
For those wanting to follow me as I move into my new role … My twitter address won’t change, I’ll be writing a couple times a week at, and you’ll be able to catch me plenty on the tube, just by flipping it over to NFL Network.
As for what’s happening to my spot, I’ll be passing the torch to another Lincoln-Sudbury alum, that being Greg Bedard, who’s finishing out his last weeks as Packers beat writer with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. And that means you’ll be in good hands going forward.
I believe there’s a great responsibility having that position.
I have a great appreciation for that. And also for everyone out there that’s read over the years to make it what it is today.

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